Community Engagement

warrnambool coastcare community events
Warrnambool Coastcare Landcare knows that education is critical to improving our natural environment.  Many residents have grown up not realising the district has a long history of land clearing, pest and weed infestation, planting of inappropriate exotic species, local extinction of many native plants and animals and severe damage to our rivers, creeks and wetlands.
Our volunteers often have information displays at community events such as the Sustainable Living Festival, Summer Night Markets at Lake Pertobe, Deakin University Student Orientation Week and others.
We also hold one-off information events, for example, at the end of the Little Penguin monitoring season.

warrnambool coastcare landcare Volunteering

Media Magnet
Our Middle Island project – protecting a threatened Little Penguin colony – has atracted international and Australian media interest for many years.  The project has been featured on ABC TV’s Catalyst show, on Italy’s premier science TV show and in the New York Times.  The movie, Oddball which is loosely based on the Middle Island project, boosted media interest to a new high in 2015 -16.  We build on this interest to create awareness of other landcare and coastcare issues.